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Fire Protection Inglewood, CA

Inglewood Fire Protection
Inglewood Fire Protection

Class A, B, C and D Fires
Class A, B, C and D Fires

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Inglewood Fire Protection Systems

A fire protection system is designed and engineered to save lives and property from the dangers of fire. Fire protection systems have been in use for hundreds of years protecting homes, business and people from the destructive nature of fire, modern technology and science have come a long way since the inception of fire protection systems. We explain the different types of fire protection systems available for use in your home residence, commercial business, public facility or industrial building and give you some pointers along the way.

Inglewood Fire Hydrants

Installing a Fire Protection System in Inglewood

Installing a fire protection system into your home residence or commercial business will only help give you peace of mind, meet any state or city building, fire and health requirements, it will even help you save money on your fire hazard insurance policy. (Contact your insurance agent for details)

Inglewood Fire Protection System Service, Repair and Maintenance

Keeping your fire protection system properly maintained through service and repair will be required on all installed fire protection systems. Always contact a licensed fire protection company, certified fire protection technician, or fire safety engineer conduct service calls made to repair your fire protection system.

Inglewood Required Fire Protection Tests and Inspections

Your fire protection system will require monthly, semi-annual, annual and 5, 6, 12 year tests and inspections depending on the types of fire protection systems you have installed. Have a licensed fire protection company, certified fire protection technician or fire safety engineer establish a set schedule and frequency for your fire protection tests and inspections.

Having a fire protection company meeting the schedule and frequency of fire protection tests and inspections allows your commercial or industrial business to stay compliant with fire codes. Fire extinguishers may require annual tags supplied after complete inspection, refill or recharge service done by a state licensed fire extinguisher company.

Inglewood Residential, Commercial and Industrial Fire Protection Systems

For decades, automatic fire sprinklers have maintained an impressive 97+% effectiveness in controlling fires in large manufacturing plants, hospitals, and storage facilities. Residential fires are the cause for almost 80% of all fire related deaths.

Residential fire protection systems are designed and engineered to keep your family, belongings and home safe in the event of a fire. The commercial and industrial fire protection systems are designed and engineered to save lives, inventory and property from the dangers of fire, many states and cities require that all commercial and industrial business have installed fire protection systems to meet state, city and insurance agency fire, health and building codes.

Inglewood Fire Protection Company, Licensed Installers and Sprinkler Technicians

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