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Fire Sprinklers San Diego

San Diego Fire Sprinklers
San Diego Fire Sprinklers

Class A, B, C and D Fires
Class A, B, C and D Fires

Fire Sprinkler Scheduled Service and Maintenance

San Diego Fire Sprinkler Service and Maintenance

All installed fire sprinkler systems will require scheduled service and maintenance as per NFPA standards and codes. This includes scheduled service and maintenance on installed fire sprinklers, fire suppression systems, fire alarms and even portable fire extinguishers. Local fire codes may require commercial and industrial buildings to have scheduled tests and inspections completed by fire department personnel, fire sprinkler companies, certified fire sprinkler technicians and/or fire safety engineers.

San Diego Maintenance Schedule on Installed Fire Sprinkler Systems

Each city municipality will have a fire marshall available to inform you of the required frequency of tests and inspections that are required for your installed fire sprinkler. Many states, cities and municipalities will require commercial and industrial building owners to schedule tests and inspections to be completed by local fire departments, state licensed fire sprinkler companies, certified fire sprinkler technicians or fire safety engineers on installed commercial and industrial fire sprinkler systems.

Automatic Fire Sprinklers : Water Based Fire Sprinklers

San Diego Commercial and Industrial
Fire Sprinkler Service & Maintenance

As a commercial or industrial business owner it’s your responsibility to keep all fire sprinkler systems serviced, maintained and properly tested and inspected. Contact your local fire marshall for commercial and industrial fire code requirements and the scheduled frequency of all tests and inspections.

San Diego Required Fire Sprinkler Tests and Inspections

Your fire sprinkler system will require monthly, semi-annual, annual and 5, 6, 12 year tests and inspections depending on the types of fire sprinkler systems you have installed. Have a licensed fire sprinkler company, certified fire sprinkler technician or fire safety engineer establish a set schedule and frequency for your fire sprinkler tests and inspections

San Diego Residential, Commercial and Industrial Fire Sprinkler Systems

Residential fire sprinkler systems are designed and engineered to keep your family, belongings and home safe in the event of a fire. The commercial and industrial fire sprinkler systems are designed and engineered to save lives, inventory and property from the dangers of fire, many states and cities require that all commercial and industrial business have installed fire sprinkler systems to meet state, city and insurance agency fire, health and building codes.

San Diego Fire Sprinkler Company, Licensed Installers and Sprinkler Technicians

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