Fire Service Pro

Dedicated to the education of fire protection and life safety systems

Fire Service Pro is a small company that has dedicated its time, money and energy in promoting the use of fire prevention methods and the importance for all to practice fire and life safety.

  • We promote the practice of fire and life safety
  • We have encouraged thousands to install and properly maintain fire protection systems
  • We help property owners connect with licensed fire protection service contractors

Accomplished by the Fire Service Pro Website Series providing information intended to help save lives.

The statistical data from USFA FEMA is a sobering fact that people get hurt, injured, fire takes lives.

USFA FEMA Reports (Residential Fires 2003-2015)

  • 377,400 residential home fires each year
  • 2,677 deaths each year
  • 12,957 injuries
  • Total dollar loss $97,709,200,000 (2003-2015 combined total)

Practice fire and life safety

Knowing what to do in the event of a fire, helps save lives, assets and property in fire emergencies.

Fire drills help teach occupants what to do when a fire occurs and should be practiced yearly.

Fires can double in size and spread very quickly ...every second counts

Become familiar with modern fire prevention systems.

Notification systems like fire alarms and smoke detectors help to alert occupants if there is possible fire.

Fire Service Pro Dedicated to the Education of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems